MRI Site Planning Basics 

Where Flexibility Meets Function


There are many reasons that you may need to rent a mobile MRI for your facility.  Having the use of a mobile MRI machine at your facility can keep your imaging department running while you upgrade existing equipment for a few months, or while you ease patient backlog for a few years.

It is also a great way to test the market for a new imaging service, without the costly commitment of space in your facility. Proper site location and preparation are still imperative for successful operation. 

Things to think about:

Where are you going to park it?

There are many things to consider when deciding where to park the mobile MRI trailer, and the KMG Mobile MRI Delivery Team will walk you through all of them.     

Where are you going to plug it in?

Electricity is necessary to power the mobile MRI unit, including the MRI itself and the trailer.  You will need a constant source of power available at your selected location, prior to delivery of your mobile MRI system.

How are you going to connect it to your RIS/PACS?

Your IT team will also need to install an exterior network connection beside the power connection. This will allow the system in the trailer to connect to your network and send images to your PACS system.

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